Catherine Whitaker and David Law love tennis. They love talking, debating and making predictions about it. And that is what The Tennis Podcast is - a conversation between two people about a sport they love. A conversation that anyone can listen to.

Catherine and David recording The Tennis Podcast at Queen's 2017.

Catherine and David recording The Tennis Podcast at Queen's 2017.

Produced weekly throughout the year, and daily during all four Grand Slam tournaments, The Tennis Podcast gets Catherine and David together to talk about what has happened, what will happen, and what might happen in the sport. It is then made into a show that can be downloaded on to iPhones, Android phones, tablets and computers for people to listen to.

There is no fancy studio. Catherine and David record anywhere, any time. Pubs, the Putney Exchange shopping centre, David’s parents’ dining room, and during a race for a US Open bus - all have formed backdrops for their conversations.

At the end of 2018, the first ever Tennis Podcast LIVE took place in London in front of an audience of friends, family and the show’s biggest backers.

The show has got bigger and better with every passing year. In its first week, about 25 people listened to the show. It was, and remains, available to download on all smartphones, tablets and computers in our archive.

More than seven years and 500 episodes later, David and Catherine are still going strong, with over 25,000 people listening on a weekly basis.

Daily editions during Grand Slam tournaments have taken the podcast inside the iTunes Top 10, and the final shows at Wimbledon and the US Open in 2019 were downloaded well over 30,000 times.

The cast-list of special guests and interviewees has helped. Andy Murray, Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Andy Roddick, Goran Ivanisevic, Leon Smith and Sue Barker have all appeared. On one occasion, David found himself interviewing Murray, comedian Jack Whitehall, and Liam from One Direction all at once, and another time Jose Mourinho described how he shed tears when Murray won Wimbledon. Award-winning American broadcaster Mary Carillo is always a favourite guest, bringing her wit, charisma and insight to a number of episodes over the years.

Since 2017, production of The Tennis Podcast has been crowdfunded by its listeners with three successful Kickstarter campaigns. In 2019, 937 backers pledged more than £53,000 to keep the show going and growing. This meant that intern Matt Roberts joined Catherine and David on the team full-time, helping to produce more social media content, blogs and weekly newsletters to complement the podcast.

Telegraph Sport became a partner in 2015, with writers Simon Briggs and Charlie Eccleshare making regular appearances on the show. BNP Paribas, IBM, La Manga Club, Racquet Magazine and Amazon Prime have all sponsored the podcast in various ways.