David Law

David is one of the lead tennis commentators for BBC Radio 5 Live and BT Sport in the UK. Part of the 5 Live Wimbledon team since 2002, he has described more than 20 Grand Slam finals. 

With more than 20 years experience in tennis, he started out as an ATP World Tour Communications Manager, conducting the first Media Guide Q & A with a 16-year-old Roger Federer in 1998. As well as his broadcasting work, he is the Media Director of the Fever-Tree Championships tennis tournament at The Queen’s Club.

It was David’s idea to start the Tennis Podcast, something we are never allowed to forget. Capable of recording podcasts anywhere, anytime on literally no sleep, David is the endlessly optimistic, enthusiastic one. He is responsible for inventing and shoe-horning the glorious/awful podcast segment #PollVault into every show. He supports West Bromwich Albion.


Catherine Whitaker

Catherine hosts Prime Video’s coverage in the UK of the ATP Tour and the US Open, and is part of the Eurosport team at the Australian and French Opens. She also presented Eurosport’s coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, enduring a 55 degree Celsius temperature drop after her flight from Melbourne to Pyeongchang.

Prior to her broadcasting work, Catherine spent seven years working with David on the ATP Champions Tour, leading to the array of big-name interviews that illuminate our Tennis Podcast archive.

Catherine is responsible for the invention of #TennisPodcastPets having allowed (encouraged, probably) her dog Rosie to gatecrash an episode of the podcast in 2016. Subsequent editions have seen other Whitaker pets make appearances, including Magic the Cat. Catherine supports Reading FC.    


Matthew Roberts
Social Media Editor, Regular Contributor

Beginning life with us as Student Matt, he helped with our social media postings in between lectures. Upon university graduation, he became Grad Matt. When listeners backed us to give him a full-time job in our 2019 crowdfunding campaign, it was time to call Matt Roberts by his real name - although 'Stat Matt' is also gaining some traction. As well as live-tweeting Grand Slam draws at a speed that gives the rest of us headaches, Matt is a talented writer with an encyclopaedic knowledge of tennis, and he is now a much-loved member of the on-air team.

Patrick Whiteside
Podcast Editor

Patrick is the man Catherine and David turned to at the start of 2017 when, after editing 260 episodes of The Tennis Podcast themselves often in the early hours of the morning, they decided they could take no more.  A freelance producer for BBC Radio 5 Live and a multi-talented cameraman and video producer, Patrick is able to pull the podcast together in roughly a tenth of the time it takes David to edit it, and make it sound 10 times better. He ‘loosely’ supports Watford FC.

Dave Earl
Podcast Editor at Queen's

During the Queen’s Club tournament, Patrick W is busy producing video content for David L, who runs the media department. So, we bring in special forces to produce our daily podcasts, in the shape of Dave Earl. A former Talksport producer, current tennis coach and comedy writer, Dave keeps us entertained after 14 hour days. His mum says: “Dave looks like a young Robert Redford and can use Adobe Audition”. He supports Crystal Palace FC.

Gorana Law
Graphic Designer

Gorana designs everything that needs designing for The Tennis Podcast. She created our logo, artwork, social media branding, online shop, merchandise and this website. David says of his wife’s talents: “she makes me look better than I really am”. Useful. When not producing arresting visual artwork for The Tennis Podcast, Gorana designs visual identities for various brands. Her true passion is designing for sports and kids. She loves American football and supports New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans.

Simon Briggs
Grand Slams Pundit

Simon is the tennis correspondent of Telegraph Sport, one of our two media partners. A frequent guest on The Tennis Podcast during the Grand Slam tournaments, Simon always raises the intellectual bar of the show to an otherwise unsustainable level, which is both a good and a bad thing. A stunning writer, he covers the sport of tennis year-round, and is well worth reading whenever you get the opportunity. He’s more of a cricket man than a football man, so let’s just agree he supports West Bromwich Albion.

Rosie the Dog

Rosie is the real star of The Tennis Podcast, she tells us. During Episode 253, she finally tired of being a silent bystander while owner Catherine complained about David’s latest terrible prediction, and offered a few of her own thoughts live on the show. The power and precision of her words were such that they were greeted by shocked silence. After that, a new hashtag - #TennisPodcastPets - was born. Rosie is responsible for its membership. In her spare time she competes in the Tennis Podcast Predictions.

Ryo with a Y - The Tennis Podcast Official Mascot 2019

Ryo (with a y) is a free-spirited non-conformer, just like his tennis hero Stefanos Tsitsipas. When he is not at home watching tennis or the National Geographic channel, he can be found in Battersea Park with his friends. Ryo keeps a very busy schedule: eating, napping, performing tricks for treats and completing puzzles to find more treats. Like most Shiba Inu dogs, he values personal hygiene and always jumps over puddles to avoid getting wet. Just like Tsitsipas, he loves posting on social media, especially on Instagram @ryowithay.

Scousel Mousel - Predictions Competition Mascot 2019

Scousel Mousel’s official name is Scouse as she was a rescue puppy from Liverpool. She’s a lurcher - a Bedlington terrier and whippet mix. She is as stubborn as a terrier and as fast as a whippet. This cheeky charmer likes to play tricks on dogs and humans alike. She likes goading big, slow dogs into chasing her and she equally enjoys jumping over smaller dogs. She shows her sense of humour by sneaking into a room where her human is sleeping and then jumps on their head. When it comes to tennis, she’s a big Federer fan and loves Kvitova and Halep too.